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PRESS RELEASE: TV Humboldt Enters 2nd Season

Press Release 

September 17, 2009

Contact: Paul Benson (citizenmediaman@gmail.com / 707-668-1632)

For release immediately.

WHAT: TV Humboldt (a local online TV channel for Humboldt County) begins second season of programming.
WHEN: Wednesday 9/16/09, with a new line-up each week.
WHERE: tvhumboldt.com


TV Humboldt Enters 2nd Season

"More and more, people are watching internet videos on the same screen where they watch their soap operas and sitcoms. Humboldt is no exception," says Paul Benson, of Blue Lake.

A year ago, Benson launched TV Humboldt, a web-based local TV station at tvhumboldt.com. After a summer hiatus, the channel is back 'on the air' this week for the start of its second season of "noncorporate local TV." The programming is designed to interest and amuse a wide Humboldt County audience with "Humboldt's very best homegrown videos."

While it may not as of yet be a well-known local media option, Benson says TV Humboldt has a dedicated base of subscribers, and that he believes "sooner or later, the channel will catch on." He says he thinks he can eventually turn his station into a profitable enterprise. "But in the meantime, it's just a lot of fun." 

Most of the videos on TV Humboldt are made by others, but the channel also has a hand in video production. Earlier this year, Benson produced "Project Blue Lake,"a comedic tourism spoof. With a cast of over 20 actors, this video is touted as the "first-ever TV Humboldt Community Production." TV Humboldt also collaborated in the making of "Loyal," a short drama that was featured in the Humboldt Film Festival.

"Although you might not be able to tell watching a random sampling of TV Humboldt, the channel is part of a broader vision, that models a future media system where true diversity and independence are the norm. I believe we're on the verge of a 'folk media renaissance,' and I want Humboldt to be at the forefront of the emerging independent media industry."

Benson says he's developed an extensive business strategy to grow Humboldt's economy by spearheading a new business model for media. "With today's technologies, there's no reason anymore to tolerate a media system dominated by big centralized corporations throwing their weight around. Media delivery can now be designed to take out the big corporate middleman and put the power into the hands of media-makers and audiences." 

He wouldn't elaborate on the business strategy, citing confidentiality issues, but says he strongly encourages local media businesses and other potential business partners to contact him for details. He also said information about the venture will be revealed in the coming months on tvhumboldt.com.

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