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(2011 update: This site is no longer being promoted or moderated). 

Backstage TV Humboldt is a companion site to TV Humboldt, a revolutionary new "folk media" TV channel for Humboldt County.

By "going backstage," you can read the TV Humboldt Blog and interact with other TV Humboldt audience members.

This site has many powerful social networking features to explore and use, especially if you become a member. We'll also be adding new features here over time as the channel grows (note: see 2011 note at the top of this page)

If you are a local artist or communicator, please also check out the Media Makers Club, the new online spot to link up and interact with other like-minded local media-makers whose skills and equipment you need to create the sort of media you want. A place where a growing sense of community unfolds among local media-makers. 


All of our projects, are in line with our long-term strategy to help move media away from bottom-line corporate economics and toward a media system where everyone has a chance to get their work out to the world, without selling their souls. Let the WORLD decide who gets recognized, not some C.E.O...

So, if any of that sounds like something you can support, please show it by simply using the free tools we're offering. Join the Club. Start a discussion. Use our event calendar. Make a connection with someone.

Let's grow this thing together! Join now.




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